How do I send information to be included in this data base?


For a handy primer on the use of your GPS unit please go to the following website (Complements of T.C.)


 1. Make sure your coordinates are in Latitude / Longitude

2. Include a description of the stucture being identified (Rock, Rock Pile, Gravel Bar, etc.)

3. If you are sending more than one data point, be sure to code or name each item (This is especially important to match photos with coordinates)

4. If you are sending photos:

a. If you have the capability; reduce the image size to 4" X 6" &

b. Reduce the resolution to 72pi This will reduce the file size to approximately 80 - 100 kb ( If you can't do this, I will do it but it will take considerably longer for you to upload the images and for me to download them.)

c. If you send me full size images please send only one at a time, along with its data

d. Attach the data to an e-mail and send it to WEBMASTER